• Compose a TOP16YOBA soundtrack of any genre.
  • Your track needs to speak to all the things the TOP16YOBA are about – The Gold Standard for
    Youth Excellence, Winner’s Circle & Innovation.
  • You have to be a South African youth, between the ages of 18-35.
  • The song must not be longer than 5 minutes.


Rules and Regulations

The signing of the acceptance form constitutes acceptance by the contestant of all rules and regulations.
The entire competition will be conducted & judged virtually.

Only the winner of the official Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards (TOP16YOBA) soundtrack will get
opportunity to perform on stage at the awards.

Contestants will submit one soundtrack following the competition’s criteria.

Lerato Agency & TOP16YOBA staff will not make contact with contestants except through the while the competition continues to run.

Contestants cannot be current artists to any members of any record label. Once preliminary accepted, contestants are not allowed to sign any contract with a record label until the competition has concluded
& the winning track has been selected at the official TOP16YOBA soundtrack & Lerato Agency property.
It is preferable that contestants be independent artists or artists looking to break into the industry.

Submissions from anyone that has any form of relationship with a member of the team will not be considered – relationship, friendship & family members. If this information surfaces mid-competition
the contestant will be disqualified.

TOP16YOBA members will not discuss their opinions and decisions regarding proceedings, marks, or rankings outside the jury room.

The decision of the jury is final and not subject to questions, revisions, or appeal.

The name of the winner & soundtrack will be announced on our social media platforms.

All announced prizes will be awarded.

If any unexpected situations arise in the execution of these guidelines, the TOP16YOBA Chairman, the
Chair of the Board of Directors, and the President will resolve such situations.

Promotional Competition Terms and Conditions:


1 Campaign:

The TOP16YOBA Soundtrack (the “Competition”). This Competition is organized by Top 16 Youth-Owned
Brands Awards under Lerato Agency.

2 Campaign Period:

The Competition commences at 9h00 on 29 May 2023 and will continue until 17h00 on 12 June 2023
(the “Competition Period").

3 Who May Enter:

3.1 To be eligible to enter, the entrant must:

3.1.1 be a South African Youth, between the ages of 18-35

3.1.2 not be signed under any label; and

3.1.3 be willing to sign over the right of the soundtrack to the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands & not claim
any royalties in the future.

3.2 Participation in this Competition excludes employees, directors, members, partners, sponsors,
consultants and agents of, or any other person who, directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by the
Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards, (and the spouses, life partners, immediate family members or
business partners of the people or entities listed above. This means:

3.2.1 the Sponsor(s);

3.2.2 supplier(s) of goods and or services in terms of this Competition; and

3.2.3 sponsors, promotional partners, printers, advertising and promotional agencies, professional
advisors and point of sale staff employed by or contracted to, or providing goods or services of any kind,
to all the people or entities listed above during the Competition Period.

4 How to Enter:

4.1 During the Competition Period, the entrants that meet all of the criteria referred to in clause 3 above
must do the following in order to stand a chance to win:

4.1.1 Submit the soundtrack via social media. The entry must tag Top 16 YOBA social media pages and
the clip must be at least 30 seconds (minimum) and 2 minutes (maximum)

4.1.2 Each soundtrack must belong to a South African youth between the ages of 18 & 35.

4.1.3 The soundtrack must be an original & unreleased during the Competition Period; and

4.1.4 Share the competition via their own social platforms; and

4.1.5 Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards will choose a Top 3 from entries on social media. The YOBA
Soundtrack will be chosen from the selected Top 3 after we hear the entire song from the clip submitted
on social media.

4.2 Once the qualifying entrant has fulfilled the requirements of clauses 3 and 4.1 above, he or she will
be automatically entered into the competition.

4.3 Entries end on the 8th of June 2023. The winner will be notified via email & phone call by a member
of the TOP16YOBA team.

4.4 An email will contain a congratulatory message and the winner must claim the prize within 3 (three)
days of receiving the email.

4.5 For an entry to be valid it must be submitted only via social media and tag Top 16 YOBA. Entries
submitted through any other URLs /websites will not be valid and will be disqualified.

5 The Prize:

5.1 Stand a chance to win:

1 (one) R10 000 in cash, which is Value Added Tax (“VAT”) inclusive; or

2 (two) an opportunity to perform LIVE at the TOP16YOBA 2023.

6 General:

6.1 The TOP16YOBA, its respective directors, affiliates, members, partners, employees, agents,
consultants, suppliers, contractors, subsidiaries and sponsors assume no liability whatsoever for any
direct or indirect loss or damage, including but not limited to physical harm or death, howsoever arising
from or as a result of an entrant’s participation in the Competition or the entrant’s redemption of any
Prize in terms of this Competition, or from any amendments to Prize details and/or the terms and
conditions of this Competition. All entrants (including the winner) hereby expressly indemnify the
TOP16YOBA’s in this regard and shall hold it harmless from all and any claims arising from or as a result
of the above reasons.

6.2 In so far as it is necessary, required by law or beyond the reasonable control of the TOP16YOBA’s,
the TOP16YOBA’s reserves the right to vary the nature of the Competition, the Prize, or these terms and
conditions upon notice in this regard being published on or in another
appropriate medium. In the event that the Prize is limited or varied in this manner, the TOP16YOBA’s
shall replace the prize with a prize of a similar economic value.

6.3 With regard to clause 6.2 above, any amended terms and conditions published in any media, or on
the Top 16 Youth-Owned Brands Awards website will form part of the terms and
conditions of the Competition, to which terms the entrants agree to be bound.

6.4 Winners shall be contacted on the cell phone number/via the medium used to enter the
Competition or in terms of any contact details supplied by the winner when entering the Competition.

The TOP16YOBA’s shall attempt to contact the winner for a period of 3 (three) days after his or her
name is drawn as a winner. In the event that the winner is either uncontactable (during the time frames
stipulated in this clause 6.4) or in the event that the winner rejects, or declines acceptance of the Prize,
the Prize shall be subject to a new draw.

Further, should contact have been made by the TOP16YOBAs with the winner after they have won a
Prize and the winner is thereafter uncontactable for the purposes of delivery of the prize. The Promoters
shall attempt to contact the winner for a period of 1 (one) week and if the winner is uncontactable, the
Prize will be subject to a new draw.

6.5 The Prize is not transferable and is not exchangeable for another prize or cash and cannot be sold.

6.6 The decision of the TOP16YOBAs in respect of disputes arising out of this Competition shall be dealt
with by the TOP16YOBAs in terms of these terms and conditions. The decision of the Promoter in this
regard shall be final.

6.7 The winner is entitled to win all the prizes.

6.8 The TOP16YOBA’s reserve the right to withhold the Prize until it is entirely satisfied that the claimant
of the Prize is the bona fide winner, and reserves the right to call for such proof as it may deem

6.9 The TOP16YOBA’s shall request the winner’s consent in writing to their name, image and likeness
being used and published by the TOP16YOBA’s in connection with this Competition for a period of 12
(twelve) months after they are announced as a winner. The winner may not decline the use of their
name, likeness and image by the TOP16YOBA’s & their platforms.

6.10 By entering this Competition entrants signify their consent to be bound by the terms and
conditions contained herein.
6.11 By entering the Competition all entrants give their consent to receive various marketing and
promotional material from the TOP16YOBA’s. Entrants will be provided with an opportunity to “Opt
Out” of receiving such communications, which may be via the relevant medium that such marketing
communication was received.

6.12 Winners agree that it is an express condition of the Competition that in order to be eligible to
redeem the Prize, the winner shall be required to sign the appropriate acknowledgement of receipt of
the Prize, as well as an indemnity and/or waiver of liability as reflected in these terms.